Touch Wood International Ltd sources high-quality Timber from all around the world, supported by a global network of collaborators. The company is led by José Hitie, one of the very few specialists of the species, characteristics and sources of Wood, of the island. Since 1976, he has been advising architects and builders working on large scale construction projects. The Timber market is constantly evolving and building professionals need to rely on a reliable partner who can supply a trustworthy service. Over the years, we have built a great reputation at consistently responding to our customer’s requirements by building strong relationship with various suppliers all over the world. Touch Wood International Ltd is known in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean region.

Touch Wood International Ltd is a private company established in Mauritius since 1998 and offers the following services:
– import and export Wood; its derivatives; building materials from various countries.
– Promote, market and ship these materials worldwide.
– Carry out treatment, drying, machining, assembly and re-packing of wood products.


Touch Wood International Ltd is led by José Hitie whose passion for Wood is known all over Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. For nearly four decades, this professional consultant has advised renowned architects and promoters for large-scale building projects in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean region. His experience spans over 40 years but his exposure to wood and its nuances and intricacies is limitless. Since 1976, he has sourced wood species and wood products from various countries on different continents. As a trusted expert, José Hitie’s advice is sought after in the early stages of any building project. His in-depth understanding of wood and its behaviour means that his recommendations can impact on the cost and success of any project. Over 40 years, he has built a network of trusted partners and suppliers all around the world, allowing him to quickly source samples, wood species or products. José Hitie is a former member of the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA).

Quote :

I have transformed my passion for wood as my sole professional activity. Whenever I give an advice, be it to a client, an architect, a quantity surveyor, an engineer, a contractor, I do it in the sole interest of the project. All my partners benefit from my years of exposure to various wood species and products, my knowledge of wood trading markets and trends and my experience on large-scale international building projects. They avoid pitfalls and mistakes that impact negatively on a project’s budget. I always give advice based on what I know for sure: finding the right product for the right project.
       José Hitie, founder of Touch Wood International Ltd


Touch Wood International Ltd acts a key collaborator on any building project and interacts with the main stakeholders: client, architect, quantity surveyor, engineer, contractor…

Touch Wood International Ltd (TWIL) finds itself at the core of any construction endeavour. TWIL’s team interacts mainly with the architect, a key decision-taker on a project. The architect relies on TWIL to recommend the most cost-effective wood, to provide samples, to source and supply the wood chosen. TWIL also advises the architect on the current trends, availability and technological innovations.

The builder is another stakeholder with whom TWIL interacts. The builder has to follow the architect’s plan and technical instructions whilst TWIL will advise on the practicality and feasibility of the plan and instructions. While keeping in mind, the budgetary and time constraints, TWIL will suggest, when needed, suitable alternatives. Quantity surveyors and project managers also rely on his expertise to keep the building project within the allocated budget and deadlines.

Interior designers also trust TWIL during the lifecycle of a project. As artists, they are influenced by trends and innovations. Throughout his career, José Hitie made it a must to show the infinite potentialities of wood, in the hotels and villas, the Wood Museum (now closed) or the restaurant Varangue sur Morne. Interior designers are on the lookout for differentiating elements. While interacting with someone as experienced as José Hitie, they get new ideas and try something different.

José Hitie also advises the local carpenters who trust his experience and expertise for their own smaller scale projects. They come to TWIL for the quality of the products offered.

Whatever an architect or an engineer thinks may not be always feasible. It may happen that the wood product chosen is no longer available on the market. We are aware of that and we make other suggestions. Our technical expertise makes the difference is the successful delivery of the project.


José Hitie : a lifetime passion for wood

A university graduate in Sugar Technology, Jose Hitie started his career in the Sugar Industry as chemist and chose, a few years after, a completely new field: the timber industry. Starting from scratch, the young manager quickly realized that his passion for wood was going to change his professional life forever. Today, he is one of the very few specialists of the species, characteristics and sources of wood, of the island. He is the Managing Director of Touch Wood International LTD.

At his first employment in the timber industry at Grewals Mauritius Ltd, Jose Hitie transformed this company from a simple sawmill cutting Pine to a fully integrated timber set up. One of his greatest realizations was the management of the furniture contract for The Royal Palm Hotel, a famous 5 star hotel in Mauritius. During his tenure at Grewals, José Hitie started his travels to timber producing countries, meeting prominent experts from all over the world. His travels have instilled in him the need for an eco-friendly practice of his work. José Hitie is also known for opening Varangue sur Morne, a world famous eco-touristic restaurant in Mauritius situated at the border of the Black River National Park. He is the founder of the island’s only timber museum (now closed), on the grounds of the restaurant. With Eric Triton, famous Mauritian blues singer, he created a singing poem entitled “Dan bwa ki ena dibwa”, a pun on the word “wood” in Mauritian Creole. José Hitie has been the Chairman of the National Park Conversation Service and of the Strategic Committee of the Maurice Ile Durable Project.

Touch wood … José Hitie’s passion is wood solid.

Our collaborators – Richard Armance :

At Touch Wood, José Hitie is supported by professionals – Richard Armance is experienced in Accounts and Timber Trade, he pursues José Hitie’s mission to offer quality service and products and uphold the nobility of wood.


Jose Hitie

Managing Director


Richard Armance